Friday, February 18, 2011

new beginnings

it feels as though I haven't blogged for years. I find this most bothersome and shall make a concerted effort to do so from this second.

The past two months have given birth to many new beginnings for me and there are many things that are making my life mighty sweet at the moment:

Today is the last day at my current place of employment. I was blessed to have an awesome job at an amazing company fall into my lap which I'm starting on Monday.

My family is relocating from our home where we have lived for 12 years (exactly half my life) to the opposite end of cape town.

My new years resolution to just say no has been going swimmingly. Some people don't like to hear this word though and struggle to let go...go can do it.

My friend Rabbit and I are starting a business and it shall be grand and started out of love and passion. watch this space.

I have the most beautiful and loving friends who fill my life with so much happiness. While we are getting older I am constantly astounded by the lives they are all leading and the women they are becoming.

I have an amazing family. my brother is a semi professional cyclist who walks around with me after races and gets all giggly when he sees the world's top cyclists. He points them out and talks about them as though he hasn't just beaten them. How humbling.

I was able to justify the lyric "my head told my heart "this time no"" which was and is still a great feeling.

I've started putting my motto for the year into place in most things "don't try to live forever, just try to create something that will."

My life is being blessed and big things are happening. Faith. Hope. Love.

I leave you with a chooon!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Jen and Andrea

i have such beautiful friends

from Russia, with love

snapped this little Russian girl at the Delheim "start of harvest" festival.