Monday, October 18, 2010

peace train

I'm getting older. In the grand scheme of things I'm actually not even that old but I'm starting to feel a little older. Its a strange feeling for me and it has left me a little uneasy. So I started writing down all my childhood memories the way I remember them so I can look at age in a different way. View it as a life story rather than worrying about it rushing by me. Concentrate more on the things I have experienced rather than the things I haven't.

One memory is stuck in my mind: I was 9 and we lived on the waters edge in marina da gama.I paddled out onto the water on my dad's old longboard and I stopped. I stood up on the board and let the slight wind push me along as I belted out the song "peace train" on the top of my lungs.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Rabbit's personal project

Aaaah! So my friend Rabbit has been telling us about this "project" she's been working on. She has way too much time on her hands. But I think they look pretty darn rad.

Monday, October 11, 2010

“I kind of wish that something strange or wonderful would happen”

Watched the movie "Ondine" on Saturday. I really enjoyed it, although the twist at the end seemed slightly out of place and ruined the midsummer nights dreamesqueness of it for me. The wardrobe though, wow!

Syracuse: How long are you staying?
Ondine: Depends, I guess.
Syracuse: On what?
Ondine: On you.
Syracuse: On me? It depends on me, you can stay forever.
Ondine: Forever?
Syracuse: Forever, happily ever after, once upon a time... I'm been telling my daughter a story, a fairy tale...

If you do one thing today, listen to this song. it plays throughout the movie (in many different ways) and is beautiful. You'll feel different about it and it will hit harder after you've watched the movie.

Friday, October 8, 2010

weekend choon

jas, this album has got me very flipping excited and this song is a beaut!


my beautiful and talented friend, Rabbit designed a stationery set for me for my verjaarsdag. It's so pretty. It's as though she crept into my brain one night to see exactly what i wanted.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

"Tammy's favourite things day"

My two favourite people, Ryan my brother and Kris his girlfriend and my good friend asked me to compile a list of my ten favourite things to do in Cape Town for my birthday. They took a few of the things from the list and compiled a day's worth of activities this Saturday. I don't know what the order of the day's events are, especially since my favourite things are pretty spread out across the cape. To be honest I could just sit and stare at paint dry with the two of them all day and I'd be pleased as punch.

This was my list (in no particular order)

1.) A show at the planetarium (I'm a bit of a nerd)
2.) Walking up Red Hill to the dam at the top
3.) High tea at The 12 Apostles
4.) Watching the sunset on Kommetjie beach
5.) Panchos
6.) Sushi anywhere
7.) Hours at Kirstenbosch just spent reading
8.) Movie at Cinema Nouveau
9.) Breakfast in Kalk Bay

I can't remember what the last thing was and it was pretty difficult to narrow it down to just 10 things. I'm clearly a cheap date and it doesn't take much to amuse me. haha.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

look what i found

ate a delicious burger and sweet potato wedges at Royale last night (with a side order of delightful ladies). damn those wedges were good. Also stumbled upon my pics on the wall.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

this woman my maker has made

"How can a girl whose
smile holds the world at
Her mercy ever be taken in,
By the words that are sung
From the mouth of a man
Who can't offer her anything.

There's a time in the day
When the light fades away
And a million stars are displayed
Which can never compare
To a few minutes shared
With this woman my maker has made

Her words flutter forth
And point to the North
As the wind and the rain rumble in
And the beauty of cold
And the wind and the world
As the maker let's creation sing

At the voice of this girl,
Whose smile holds the world
And the King that begins all good things
Its His glory I see
When she smiles at me
By His mercy I'm not stuttering

With emotions at play
At the end of the day
As glory and peace are displayed
As the world tumbles down,
I won't fall to the ground
These good things
Won't go to the grave."

Written by a very old aquaintance, Richard Mee. Gonna use this opportunity to add links to all his various endeavours. Not sure whether its just a poem or a song yet...if its a song I imagine it would be lovely.