Friday, October 1, 2010

this woman my maker has made

"How can a girl whose
smile holds the world at
Her mercy ever be taken in,
By the words that are sung
From the mouth of a man
Who can't offer her anything.

There's a time in the day
When the light fades away
And a million stars are displayed
Which can never compare
To a few minutes shared
With this woman my maker has made

Her words flutter forth
And point to the North
As the wind and the rain rumble in
And the beauty of cold
And the wind and the world
As the maker let's creation sing

At the voice of this girl,
Whose smile holds the world
And the King that begins all good things
Its His glory I see
When she smiles at me
By His mercy I'm not stuttering

With emotions at play
At the end of the day
As glory and peace are displayed
As the world tumbles down,
I won't fall to the ground
These good things
Won't go to the grave."

Written by a very old aquaintance, Richard Mee. Gonna use this opportunity to add links to all his various endeavours. Not sure whether its just a poem or a song yet...if its a song I imagine it would be lovely.

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