Monday, October 11, 2010

“I kind of wish that something strange or wonderful would happen”

Watched the movie "Ondine" on Saturday. I really enjoyed it, although the twist at the end seemed slightly out of place and ruined the midsummer nights dreamesqueness of it for me. The wardrobe though, wow!

Syracuse: How long are you staying?
Ondine: Depends, I guess.
Syracuse: On what?
Ondine: On you.
Syracuse: On me? It depends on me, you can stay forever.
Ondine: Forever?
Syracuse: Forever, happily ever after, once upon a time... I'm been telling my daughter a story, a fairy tale...

If you do one thing today, listen to this song. it plays throughout the movie (in many different ways) and is beautiful. You'll feel different about it and it will hit harder after you've watched the movie.

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