Friday, March 20, 2009

"The youth are starting to change, are you starting to change?"

I Found a picture of a little girl and started thinking about her future. In a few years she will be bullied at school, will be forced to experience character building by entering thousands of Eisteddfods and will be thrust into failure at an early age when she is turned down for a role in a musical because of her lack of an Afrikaans accent. She will add a sense of innocence and love to people's weddings with her voice.

In high school her life will become music and she will form many friendships that will last into her 20's, but will lose the one that means the most. She will be sent out of math's lessons and will never attend a physical education lesson because she will rather spend time in the music department where she will be moved to tears by her own playing. It is towards the end of her high school career that she realises that she actually doesn't care about the opinions of others and how they will affect her life. She will stand up and say, " do not judge me. you do not know me. you do not know my life."- because an alternate reality will stare her in the face. 

In college she will discover that she may have a penchant for writing  while discovering public transport- she will fall in love with every train platform, every silent glance passed by fellow commuters and the time that it will afford her alone. She will begin to really see people and will follow cobble-stoned streets that lead to buildings that will open the door to her imagination. She will make assumptions, take chances and be a little reckless. Books will be read that will turn her view of the world on it's head. She will become stronger and at the same time petrified of future situations. She will realise that the land that she grew up in is not the only one with possibilities. She will capture me in a photograph.