Sunday, May 17, 2009

Going on an excursion and everyone is full of "useful advice"

*If any sort of official authorative person speaks to me at Heathrow, just sit on the floor and start crying- haha, i dunno.
*Starve in order to see the sights- Yes, i plan to do this.
*Do not step onto a bus without money on my travel card- I'm not an idiot.
* If I meet a boy, "allow the relationship to blossom"have fun with him  for the entire time I'm there. HAHA- living in a fantasy much?
* "If you struggle to get home one night, just go home with a random, the guys are all super friendly, especially cause you're South African"- Oh I laughed when I heard this.
* Take my flute over and busk at the tube stations to support myself- HAHAHA, imagine.
*When in doubt, drink Strongbow!


  1. haha they might hate you now because you're south african especially if you boast about being rugby wolrd champs haha!

    and yep strongbow is the way forward!

  2. No no no don't drink strongbow! lol