Wednesday, June 24, 2009

oh the amusement!

had quite a funny day. went to go and see the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace (yes, that was a name drop) and the whole thing was done to the orchestra playing an Abba Medley. hahaha...cause that will scare away the terrorists!

Then took a bit of a nap on a bench in Hyde Park (oh look, another name drop) and overheard a girl saying to someone, "these aren't the pigeons that I scare, I scare away the ones that look as though they are about to attack you". To which I immediately replied "please, you must take me to these ferocious human attacking ruthless pigeons immediately". No I didn't! I just closed my eyes again and imagined giant pigeons running around and attacking all the people. Watch out!

Then ate some muesli and yoghurt and was asked by a woman where I got the ice cream from, to which I replied "It's not ice cream, its muesli and yoghurt". the person was immediately eaten by a giant pigeon for her stupidity.

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