Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a cheap pina colada.

You know that pina colada song? Bet you never listened to the words. Its "2 old people holding hands" sort of sweet. Its about a guy who gets bored with his lady so he puts a wanted ad in the paper for someone who likes pina coladas and walks on the beach etc. So he gets a response back in the paper and the two of them organise to meet up and it turns out that his girlfriend was the respondee and he says "but why didn't you tell me about this other side of you and where has this girl been all this time?"

Anywhoo! The point is, I just read ads like that in the paper. These put the pina colada song to shame!

"To the gorgeous guy at Wandsworth station. You dropped your battered sausage and I trod on it. Drink? Embarrassed brunette"

"To the gorgeous, tall man I see at embankment every day. I'm the girl who smiles at you. Fancy a pancake?"

"You, check shirt, orange toe nails, dark hair, on a break at westfield. We looked while I was on the phone. Drink? Dressed in black with specs"

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