Sunday, November 29, 2009

I've had a week.

my week..oi vey. so I wrote a brief description because that's what I do. thy week thy name is emotion!

2 birds with 6 bullets. “you can’t talk to me like that” said the man with the dreadlocks, 10 years my senior. Aangename kenis. a name in size 9 font- the amount of energy that was expendid has gone to waste. “babe, I’m trying to not lose my good mood”. Do you understand the implications and seriousness of spreading a malicious rumour like that? Metrofail’s some of the time. “I never meant to let you down”.
I know I shouldn’t feel sorry for you but I did as well when Lindy was ill. She should have been here for this, she would have liked to have been here. “I’m weak with a stake in my heart”. “What exactly are you doing with your life right now?” My standard and yard stick is Jesus. “I realised that by me saying yes that we would grow old together which would mean that one of us would die first while the other one would have to watch.” Picking white daisies out of a bath. We really do prefer you when you aren’t sober. “I’m gonna have to write down all my stories on this serviette so I don’t forget”. No, we are not the same, I am an Angolan in this country trying to make a life for myself. I told him he played very well and he thanked me even though he couldn’t see my face or the one of the other girl standing beside me. Ja, you don’t really strike me as a smoker. “I’m starting to wonder about that myself”. He was just emotionless, I could have cried or done anything and he would just stared at me blankly. “That man laying up there, is he alive? ”Had a 45 minute conversation with him around this same time last year and now we pass each other every morning in silence. "I just feel as though you've been neglecting me" He held out the cup as she sang “we are here saviour, we are here”. Oh, besides Tammy, don't worry though, you'll be next...I have a feeling". You have been loved by someone good.


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