Monday, December 7, 2009

"do you mind me telling you all of this"

I'm sorry if I zone out while you tell me about how crappy your job is, what you went through as a child, the problems that you're having with your dad, what that guy you have a crush said or didn't say, what your colleagues at work do that annoys you, how you think he's losing too much weight, what you think about the friday night market at the old biscuit mill. How you didn't get that promotion, how you didn't get that job, how you've spread a rumour and now have to face the consequences, when you apologise for giving me the wrong ice cream, how someone forgot your birthday, how you forgot your dads birthday, how your train was late, how the clothes don't fit you, about how you think we should sell cake, about how your rent money was stolen.
About how you need to listen to someone elses voice except your own.

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