Sunday, April 4, 2010

this is my angry face

recently i realised just how devestating my passive aggressivness can really be. After running The 2 oceans, one receives a drink voucher which can be redeemed at the "drink tent". Now, the friend with whom I ran was very emotional after crossing the finish line. So taken over by emotion that she just walked straight through the drinks tent without getting her drink. So when she turned around to see me getting my drink she back tracked through the tent to get her WELL DESERVED drink, only to be stopped by an "event helper who needed to get off of her self righteous high horse". We shall for the purposes of this post refer to her as "high horse":

High horse: "excuse me where do you think you're going?"
Friend: "to get my drink"
High horse: "no, you just came past me, you can't come through here again"
Me (speaking at quite an elevated level and with much hand movement): "i'm sorry, she's just been running for the past 3 hours and 10 minutes, are you really going to deny her something to drink?"
High horse: "no, I saw her get a drink already and now she's comming back for another one"

here comes the angry face....

me: " What!?! do you think she's hiding it up her arsehole between her bum cheeks. I'm sorry that she's just run a gazillion miles and is now trying to get a much deserved something to drink."
high horse: blah blah blah, ok get a drink, blah blah blah.

the lesson learned here kids is level- headedness and to be nice to runners!

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