Friday, September 4, 2009

Nicholas Twickler.

Caught the train today for the first time in oh i dunno, 6 months. interesting people included a little old lady who told me that she would pay two pennies for a train ticket to wynberg and then use her third penny to buy sweets that she would eat while walking home. the most interesting person though was Nicholas Twickler.

Things you can tell about Nicholas Twickler just by looking at him:
He goes to SACS. His mom doesnt like him to lose his stuff- this is why "Nicholas Twickler" was written all over his tog bag. Is writing exams at the moment. Catches the Simons Town/ Fish Hoek Train. Wears Grasshopper school shoes. Probably plays rugby cause he's all stocky and stuff and has sausage rugby playing fingers. He also carries a pen in his top blazer pocket.

So Nicky boy got on at Newlands and then a pretty girl from Cedar House got on at Kenilworth. For Nicholas Twickler it was love at first sight. She sat down next to me and was the kind of girl who wears rings on every finger and ugg boots. long blonde hair and reading a book that contained words like bisexuality and cocaine. Nicky boy couldnt keep his eyes off of her. every third second of his train ride was filled with glances at her out of the corner of his eye. But then HE walked in and Nicholas's eyes no longer looked at ugg boot girl, but rather they looked at her "boy" friend up and down. Nicholas listened to her talk to the "boy" friend so intently though, watching her as she spoke from accross the train. shame it was sweet. then boy "friend" got off and Nick said to his friend (who was also from Sacs) "that guy looks familiar". And ugg girl opened her mouth, "He goes to Cedar house" responded Ugg boot girl. Nicholas's face now resembles a tomato and he just stares at her in shock unable to say anything. Instead he replies to his friend with a sentence filled with swear words about how tired he is from exams.

then i had to get off the train. aaaah nicholas twickler.

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