Monday, July 19, 2010

Candice Tripp

When I was a youngen I used to do browney's and dancing with a girl named Candice Tripp. We lost touch, ended up going to the same high school but never spoke in the hallways or ever again for that matter. She's now a well-established artist living in London and her stuff is brilliant. Brilliant.

"Tripp’s work resonates with an innocence that steers clear of societal commentary, choosing instead to youthfully represent childish scenarios with a grown-up twist. Working predominantly in oil and ink, her subject matter is cast into negative space, illustrating just an instance of a narrative with only the title hinting towards a bigger picture Without any formal training Tripp started exhibiting her paintings in early 2007; her plans to go to university were interrupted when she booked her first solo show in April that year."

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