Friday, July 9, 2010

knowing that a baby marrow is a fruit is knowledge. not putting it in your fruit salad is wisdom.

It was 6:10 on a friday night. I was waiting for the train at obs station. I saw a familiar face walk my way. "hello" they said as they walked by, "hello, how are you" I replied? "Good thanks" they said as they continued past. They returned for conversation a few minutes later and they over the years had turned into a she, who I didn't recognise. However the old her, the one I'm more familiar with raised her ugly head every now and then throughout conversation.

5 years ago I had labelled her with "wouldn't amount to very much". She's a lecturer now, studied at UCT and has a baby. She assures me that the baby's father and her, whilst madly in love won't be getting married- she proudly announces she's a commitment phobe. I assured her this can't be the case because she's given birth to another human being and has committed herself to its life. Surely? "Don't get my wrong, I'm a fantastic mom but sometimes the kid just really annoys me."

The conversation moved swiftly onto me. Grand. "Oh I never thought you'd go the computers route". "I didn't" I replied, "I write for the internet"."What about a boyfriend?" My most hated question. There's a point where I often just shut down in conversations. It's where wrongfully I have made an assumption about a person and could no longer be bothered to speak to them as its a waste of the precious air I breath. That point was now as she proceeded to explain to me why I'm not in a relationship, or rather deduce from her infinate wisdom the reason for my bridget jones-esqueness.

Anything she had to say after that was a blur.

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