Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Pops the poet!

So this is a picture of my pops back in the 70's. in his 20's. (does anyone else hear the chorus of that "it was acceptable in the 80's" song?

He was a "surfer dude" and apparently he "was like such a babe!" Anywhoo, here are some of the poems that he wrote around the same time as when the photograph was taken. he named his collection of poems "Forgotten dreams and other lost memories". I wonder whether my dad and I would have been friends if I was the same age and lived in the same hood during that time.

People walking down the street
Body’s brushing minds they sleep
Flashing lights and screeching wheels
A heavy night it seems unreal
Deep inside can’t feel the pain
They never see the falling rain
Within themselves they understand
A tree that grows must fall by man.

Take me in your hands
Take me and sift me
Keep what is worth keeping
With a breath of kindness
Blow the rest away.

I sit and watch them passing by
A heavy night holds back a smile
I wonder if they’ve seen the moon
Listening to a lovers tune
They amble on not looking back
Times spent sure was a gas
Time moves fast the day to end.
Spending nights with unmade friends.

I think I have begun
To like you
A little more
Than I should
I’d rather not love you
Because of promises made
May not be true enough
To give you
All that you require
My love.

It’s just another shop
I used to frequent
Same as any other
That sells no happy stories
Or makes one hang onto memories
That grow dimmer
With goodbyes
And new hello’s.
The keeper of the shop
He sold my brand of cigarettes
And a fresh pint everyday
All my needs he sold
His smile he gave for free
With all my memories locked up tight
I remember his smile so well.

This is a picture of my pops a few months ago. When he saw this picture he said, "a wrinkle tells a thousand stories"- copywriting gold right there yo!

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