Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Oh look! a list! How did that get here?

Ok, so these cool kids are getting carried away with these lists. however, like many I too am a fan of the listo's! And since I am mentioned in a list i now have to create a listage of my owness. Are you ready? Here it comes, 7 things I love, and in turn 7 other bloggers who MUST make a list of their own.

1: The coldness of permanent markers.
2: tree's. how great are tree's?
3: Sunday afternoon naps with my bro in the lounge.
4: The smell of my dad's tobacco.
5:Going to the marmalade cat in Darling, for tea, scones and Nina Simone with my mum.
6: The bench dedications along the catwalk in the hoek of fish.
7: Watching people greeting their loved ones at the airport.

OK, don't have that many people to do this, cause most people use their blog for their portfolio's and that sort of rubbish, but here goes anyway.

6: this person
7: and you.

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