Saturday, February 27, 2010

design indaba 2010

here's my two cents worth of a review. i was impressed with the organisation this year but dissapointed at majority of the stalls and offerings. i dont think it was creative enough and was bleak to find the exact same things as last years. ok, allow the same creatives back, as long as they have a different offering every year. The good stuff was leaps and bounds ahead of the stuff that made it appear to be an indoor flea market. Also, it would have been better if they perhaps folded away the entire sa government trade and industry section and enlarged the emerging creatives section. However, i'm VERY excited about the jewellery in this country at the moment, its all hearts and birds. it would be nice to see a paperjet pendant on a necklace though.

4 things stood out: my "best of shows":

the illustrative works of Justin Southey. "we were like those who dream". check out his blog justinsouthey.blogspot.

Artwork by Barbara Wildenboer. I have to admit that these images dont do them much justice but to see them in real life is something quite amazing.

The love coffee table by 1010 creative

I cant find pictures of these 2 things but the one was my absolute flippin' favourite thing. It was by Bousquet Creations. It was a lime green block with a crack at the top of it with two of the tiniest silver figurines standing on either side of the crack. if you go to the indaba, you have to check it out...especially as that description definately doesnt do it justice. the second "unknown item" was entitled "flying birds" or something and was a wooden sculpture of many birds in flight- tis lovely!

Ofcourse all of this isn't quite hearsay but rather unofficial matter of absolute opinion.

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  1. The LOVE coffee table is awesome. However I think you forgot to mention the amazing laptop bags made from PPC Cement bags :)