Sunday, February 7, 2010

the land of unemployment

Backround info: my dad works away from home in a far away magical land.
Telephone: ring ring
Tammy: hello
Dad: hello tammy! How are you my tamaliki?...and why are you home in the middle of the day in the week?
Tammy: well, I may have sort of quit my job.
Dad: what do you mean may have sort of quit? You either quit or you didn't?
Tammy: you're right, I did.
Dad: what? Why?
Tammy: explains story
Dad: so what are you going to do now?
Tammy: I dunno, I'm not worried though. I'm destined for great things. God has a plan and I'm excited about the path he's gonna take me on.
I have complete faith in him and my life is in the palm of his hands ready to be molded and shaped.

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  1. wow, kudos on taking the leap! excited to see(ie read on ur blog) how He proves to be faithful!